Humidifier and dehumidifier – Humidity Control

Hanwell humidifiers and dehumidifies are designed to be used as part of a humidity control system. The range available to users ensures flexible solutions with varying methods of humidifying and dehumidifying to suit individual preferences. The humidifiers can be linked to a control system or interfaced into a local BMS for automated control, where constant and consistent conditions are critical.

The CCR30 can be used in conjunction with Hanwell radio transmitters for automatic control. The B500 and CS4 humidifiers are standalone portable humidifiers. The B500 is supplied with its own control (the B500 is not suitable for use with Hanwell Humidistats) whereas the CS4 comes with a CH1 humidistat.

We can also provide a range of de-humidifiers and electric heaters (for conservation heating use).


  • Automatic, constant and consistent humidity control
  • Easy installation
  • Can be used in conjunction with a Hanwell radio system (CCR30)
  • Reduce moisture and mould build-up