Light Meter – ML4000LUX/UV Series

The ML4000LUX/UV series of data loggers and radio transmitters enable users to measure light (LUX) and ultraviolet (UV). The ML4000 series of light and UV data loggers and radio transmitters are a range of advanced technology allowing monitoring of a site, with historical analysis of data.

Measurements can be taken of the proportion of UV present (µW/Lumen), the total amount of UV (mW/M2), and the amount of visible light (LUX).

LUX is measured in the range 10 to 5000 LUX. This is sufficient for environments where a LUX level of over 600 is not normally desired, but higher ranges can be supplied upon request. The UV range is 20 to 2000 µW/Lumen.

*These are a guideline only, users are asked to determine their own Lux recommendations as heritage pieces vary in state depending on their age and condition.

Product Features

– Data logging and radio transmitter formats
– Memory capacity 100,000 readings
– High performance technology with accurate connecting sensors
– Low power radio for long distance transmission (Over 3km over open ground)
– User accessible battery and USB socket
– Slots in back of unit for wall brackets
– Complies with RoHS, EU and WEEE directives
– Carries CE Mark


– Reduce damage caused by natural and artificial light and UV on objects
– Minimise the destructive effects of UV on organic materials
– Save time and money previously used to restore objects affected by light and UV damage
– Create the optimium light and UV surroundings for all artefacts
– Light and UV products can be easily integrated into an existing Hanwell syste