Differential pressure sensor – 5000DP

The Hanwell 5000DP radio telemetry transmitter, designed for use with the RadioLog8 environmental monitoring system. The units are in IP65-rated cases and are suitable for use in tough environments. Utilising an integral temperature compensated pressure sensor the RL5405 differential pressure transmitter delivers exceptional performance. The sensor utilises silicon, micro machined, stress concentration enhanced structure to provide a very linear output to the measured pressure. The ports are designed with matched dead volumes. This series is intended for use with non-corrosive, noionic working fluids such as clean dry air, dry gases and the like.

The media wetted materials are the silicon diaphragm, glass filled nylon, RTV and alumina ceramic. The transmitter ID, transmission speed and calibration data is programmed into its onboard memory using RadioLog8, a software package which automatically recognizes the type of unit connected to the PC via the USB lead.

Fitted with a custom-designed LCD to indicate current readings, battery life remaining and alarm conditions. There is an instantaneous display update button located on the front panel. Pressure connections are made via quick release Lemo pressure connectors, which avoid damage to the pressure sensor when disconnecting for calibration.

The transmitter is typically powered by a 2 x 3V C Cell Alkaline batteries* or optional 12V DC external power supply, which can be fitted by the user. An indicator on the LCD will warn when the battery is low, and the transmitter maintains a record of when the battery has been changed.

*The battery life will be dependant on the transmission interval

Product Features

– Wireless data transfer
– High performance technology with accurate sensors
– LCD display with data readings and battery life
– User accessible battery and USB socket
– Up to 18 months battery life
– Low power radio for long distance transmission (Over 3km over open ground)
– Complies with RoHS, EU and WEEE directives
– Carries CE Mark


– Assists with national regulatory compliance
– Provides users with the tools to maintain a stable environment
– Reduces the risk of contamination or loss



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