ISI was founded in October 1975. You can already find the first traces of ISI (Intercontinental Service Inc.) in Massachusetts (USA) early 70’s.

The Frenchman James Royer, then sales manager of an american manufacturer of military components, imagines to create a Company offering to american components manufacturers the service of helping them to export outside USA by developing for them distribution networks in Europe. From there the name Intercontinental Services Inc.

The finalization of this idea results in the creation of ISI in Belgium in october 1975.
Rapidly the activity extends to the sales of the same products on the Belgium-Luxemburg marketplace.
In 1978, James Royer starts the french company Microel and hires Etienne Neyens to run ISI in Belgium.

End 1979, Neyens’ family takes 100 % control over the ISI shares.
Due to the background of the new shareholders, the Company activity changes gradually by specialising in turnkey instrumentation systems for physical quantities, delivering the sensors, the conditioning, the electronics, the data acquisition and the software. ISI became also a leader in Belgium for the measurement and monitoring of noise and vibrations.
In recent years, many solutions have been oriented towards the “wireless” and “cloud computing” inductive telemetry system, radio frequency return data via GSM / GPRS.